• Tessa Murphy-Sena

Unplanned Easter Photos with Nieces & Nephew

For Easter my husband and I traveled to New Mexico to visit family. While there my sister in law and I were talking about her missing out on school photos this year. I just so happened to have my camera with me in the car and offered to take a few shots. This is a great example of how editing software can greatly enhance your photos! Some photographers are very strict in "getting the shot right" when taking the original photo and can be quite snobbish when it comes to editing. I believe photographers should be able to use all the tools at their disposal. I did not have the proper equipment with me for the harsh lighting circumstances. Normally I plan my portrait sessions and make sure to have my reflector and or soft box with me. These photos were taken with the bare minimum and luckily I was able to correct them in Lightroom in just a few minutes! The first photo is the before and after example of the edits.

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